Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Graduating from Free to Real Money Slots

So you’ve tested out the waters. You had your fun playing free slots, testing out which ones are suited best for you (or not), and now you want to experience slots in the best way possible. Which could only mean one thing: real money slots. Spinning and winning, and hitting those jackpots gets a whole lot sweeter when you’re rewarded with cash. And hopefully a whole lot of it!

So, How to Begin?

Before you start playing on real money online slot machines, you’ll need to find an online casino that has all the entertaining games you love playing and one that’s reliable. No download, no software necessary just the online casino platform itself. It’s 2016, there’s no need for outdated technology! Find out more how to begin playing on real money slots:

Safety, First

It’s important to do a thorough research on online casinos to make sure that you’re playing on a safe and secure platform. Don’t let marketing ploys fool you and fall into some scam. Read user feedback, see if there’s a demo trial, and see what security measures the online casino is taking to make sure that their players’ security comes first. It’s a fast type of world, and if you don’t read all the fine print you could lose your money.

There’s nothing like playing on a secure platform. Learn more about why it’s fun to win on real cash slots here.

It’s also smart to see what the customer service is like. Do they offer live chat? Are they available at important times? These factors make a difference in putting you, as the player, first.  An online casino’s reputation is the key, you don’t want your private information becoming public information. 

Real Money Online Slots

With a variety of trusted platforms, there are loads of perks for you to collect: sign up bonuses, free spins, jackpots, and holiday bonus perks. When you start to play for real money the real fun begins. There’s no better feeling than playing your favorite video slot game and winning.

The best part is you can play from the comfort of your own home, morning commute, waiting for a friend to meet you, during your lunch break—anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Just be warned: you won’t want to stop!

Don’t forget, if there’s a new game that you’re not sure of how to play just quite yet you can always go play for free until you get a better feel for it. There are so many sites out there that have wonderful reviews out there for you to brush up on. We understand that you may be hesitant at first to play real money slots but we can assure you it’ll be one of the better decisions you’ll make. 

It’s Fun!

Aside from the incredible graphics, catchy soundtracks, and 3D special effects that you’ll see these days, the best part about playing online slots is that it’s fun! You get to escape reality for however long you want and just enjoy yourself in a special moment. Can it get any better?

Monday, 23 November 2015

Lights - Online Slot – Game Review

Net Entertainment’s 9 payline online slot, Lights, is incredible with a 0.09 minimum bet. The graphics are bold, and the Asian-themed backgrounds are soothing and relaxing. The theme is spot on. I really enjoyed the music, it was soothing didn’t make you angry but rather relaxed.

wild symbol and playlines
Win the wild symbol on the 5th playline
With each spin there is a floating wild and they appear randomly. You can get 2 to 4 wilds that will float on the screen and it only gets better. They are triggered by 3 scatter symbols, and you can get 3 to 6 of them. I got a nice payout when there were top symbols and 4 wilds.  There are also free spins!

Lights has a great free spins feature, and is activated when there are 3 (or more) scatters anywhere on the screen. You could be winning a lot of money if you land other wilds during freespins. The glimmering fireflies are a beautiful sight to see, they pop up with every spin, there’s no way you can be bored with this slot game. These fireflies illuminate the path to big wins so start spinning!

Although there is no multiplier or bonus, there are still exciting ways to win big in this video slot. The Free Spins feature is definitely one. If you land on 3 or more scatter symbols then you could get up to 30 free spins. It doesn’t stop at just one, they can be retriggered.

Lights symbol
Win the wild symbol on the 4th playline

If you keep that yin & yang balance you could get lucky, it’s quite the serene Asian valley. This game is all about those Floating Wilds—if we didn’t mention it enough. Let’s break it down for you with some details on the game. Like we said, the software for this game is brought to you by Net Entertainment. There are 5-reels, 9-paylines and lots of Wild and Scatter symbols. The minimum and maximum coin size are 0.01-to 1. There are lots of free spins and yes, a jackpot—up to 1,000.

It may not be a favorite game to all, but for those that want a calm game - Lights slot game is great. Many think that because they can’t spend as much on the game, it’s hard to get that massive win. We didn’t think that was the case and think this slot is worth giving a go!

Autoplay feature
The game's auto play feature
If you want to win this game, then you need at least 3 matching symbols, and they need to be in one of the 9 fixed bet lines. You might even get two matching symbols and one Wild and that works just as well. Or, just any of the symbols with two Wilds works too.

Mega big win on lights
 Playing Lights slot machine is easy. All you have to do is select the coin value, and you’re ready to roll. All you have to do next is hit the green button and watch the screen. There is also an Autoplay feature that lets you just enjoy the soothing music. Overall, it’s a great enjoyable game that we recommend you go and try out!

Try game the demo - but try not to get addicted!


Monday, 7 September 2015

5 New Fun Slot Games from NetEnt

Net Entertainment has been entertaining slot players with amazing games for a number of years. 

The company is always hard at work developing new and innovative slot games to enjoy online. 

On average, players will find at least one new slot game being offered by NetEnt each and every month. 

With already hundreds of titles available, these new games extend the portfolio and offer slot fans exceptional features, great themes and some stunning payouts. NetEnt video slots are some of the most popular in the industry.

Lets’ check out a few of the latest slots that have been released from Net Entertainment

With these games, no download is required and players will enjoy superb graphics, exciting bonus features, unique themes a new thrilling experience.

Stickers Slot Game – Vegan Friendly

Stickers new game from netent
Stickers is a Sticky & Sweet slot game and it is one of the most straightforward games to be recently released. With a simple fruit theme, players will enjoy the lucrative payouts while enjoying the bright and bold graphics as well. This video slot has two special features, the Sticky Wild and Sticky Spins - a classic-looking game that will surely entertain.

With 20 paylines and a free Sticky re-spin, the wild will then remain in place, allowing for more wilds to fill the screen. If another wild appears in the re-spin, players will enjoy yet another spin. This all continues until no more wilds appear. Stickers is a perfect entry-level slot game.

Sparks will Sparkle, Reels will Spin and You will Win 

Aparks new game from netent

Sparks will be flying as reels will spin. With this game, players enjoy the sizzling and cracking graphics and some superb sound effects. 

This mesmerising slot game is played with up to 20 paylines and offers the new ground-breaking Cloning Wilds, which will land you extra wins. This energy-filled slot game is one that players will not want to miss. And so won’t you.

Players can choose between the Win One Way or Win Both Ways options and benefit from Expanding Cloning Wilds, which appear on reels 2 and 4 to land you high payouts.

This new game surely awakens the senses and entertains with the playful sounds and a constant explosion of colours. Sparks offers great rewards and is also available in Demo Play Mode. 

This new video slot definitely offers excitement and loads of action.

Neon Staxx – Put On Your Shoulder Pads and Start Spinning

Neon Staxx new game from netent

Head back to the 80s with Neon Staxx, the new video slot that has ground-breaking design and amazing graphics with a shiny visual appeal. 

Players will enjoy the display, which is slightly tilted to present the feel of playing an arcade game. Packed with features, Neon Staxx is a 40 payline game with huge rewards. 

One will also benefit from multiple features such as Wilds, Stacked Symbols, The SuperStaxx Feature and Free Spins. Enjoy retro themed games? 

Then Neon Staxx is the perfect slot choice for visual entertainment and kicking payouts.

Dracula Might be the Prince of Darkness, but a Very Generous Prince

Dracula new game from netent

With the new Dracula slot game, an eerie and terrifying theme is offered, featuring the popular character from Bram Stoker - Dracula! Enjoy the character coming to life on the side of the reels as he triggers superb payouts and unique game features. 

This video slot has amazing graphics and some awesome features like Random Bat Feature as well as Free Spins. Get ready for a terrifying, yet rewarding experience with one of the most popular games to be released from NetEnt. 

The payouts from this game will be horrifyingly enjoyable! With 25 paylines and an awesome interface, Dracula will never take a bite out of your wallet!

Spinata Grande – Hola!

Spinata Grande new game from netent

Take off to the hot sands of Mexico with Spinata Grande, a new and exciting video slot. 

This game offers piƱata smashing bonuses and Colossal Wins! Every symbol has a Colossal version and when these appear, they offer indeed stunning wins. 

Get ready to enjoy Mini-Slot action with a great second bonus and some free spins for more wins. 

Spinata Grande is a smashing game that offers a rich and fun-filled slot experience. 

With 40 paylines, this new slot will be sure to entertain and spill festive payouts!

And So The Reels Keep Spinning

These latest releases from NetEnt are just of the few fun and exciting games that can be enjoyed.

These titles offer unique themes and some amazing bonus rounds that offer huge win potentials! With the newest video slots from NetEnt, players will always feel the excitement with every spin and benefit from innovative game features. 

Free spins, wilds, expanding symbols and random bonuses are just a few of the things that will be enjoyed with these titles.

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